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Hurricane Spinning Duster with 2 Brushes to Exchange

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Are you still worrying about the corners in your house? Are you still unsatisfied with the desired results of the expensive cleaning robot? Our product gives you a better experience and better cleaning result with lower price.


  • 🎇Fluffy microfiber - spongy, lightweight, easy to use, the duster is durable and ideal for cleaning interiors and exteriors that are hard to reach.
  • 🎇 It can be rotated at various angles for easy dust removal.
  • 🎇It is ideal for cleaning furniture, photo frames, ceilings, ceiling fans, stairs, blinds, windows, windows, spirals, skirting boards, etc.
  • 🎇Reduce the dust removal time by half, since in addition to each sweep, the head of the duster covers a large surface, suitable for the narrowest space.
  • 🎇Take out dirt, dust and lint to effectively remove pollen, pet hair, corn and other allergens.


  • Dimensions: 25.4mm * 10mm, 10mm * 10mm
  • Batteries: 5A
  • Package weight: 0.8kg


  • 1 complete brush
  • 1 capeza for exchange
  • 1 connecting rod

NOTE:You need to buy the batteries by yourself.