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Hirundo Insta Hang Seamless Wall Nail, 1 Pack

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Are you fed up with the old hammers & nails?Because of dreadful holes and insecurity.Then this Insta Hang Seamless Wall Nail is designed for you! Hang wall art, wall decor, and other tapestries with the use of single tool, perfect for picture hangers or wall tapestry.

Product Features:

  • Maneuverable and safe: This product helps you fix nails in the walls with minimum usage of force and provide you safety at the same time.
  • Practical and clean:  It will save you from hand sores and help your walls  look clean and distortion free by plugging in the nails especially designed to save your walls from big bad holes.
  • Time-saving:  It will save your time and helps you to fit in the large number of nails in minimum time.


  • Weight: 350g
  • Size: 18*22*3cm
  • Piece set: 47

      Method to use:

      1. First put the insta hang handler in place to open it. Now open its upper cover by just moving the cover from left to right.
      2. To open the storage strip, open the plastic button at the end of insta hang by moving it from left to right.
      3. Now insert the given nails into the storage strip of the Tele brands’ insta hang.
      4. You can now place insta hang pkistan on the wall. The built in installer will help you to fix the object at precise place.
      5. You just have to press the pump at the top of the insta hanger in order to plus the nail into the wall.