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Glass Coating Agent Stains Cleaner

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Acid rain leaves hard watermarks on your windscreen? 

Remove the stains with our reliable and easy-to-use Glass Stains Cleaner in just 20 seconds

With the waterproof and rainproof properties, the cleaner is also highly resistant to dust, stains, dirt, scratches and more, which is able to make the headlight bright and new again. 

With this high-performance glass cleaner, all the stubborn hard water stains, sticker marks and even stuck-on debris on glass can be removed effortlessly. 

This specially formulated cleaner is streak-free and ammonia-freewhich contains no dyes, soaps, or scents that lead to streaks and smears.


  • Make dirty glass shines like a mirror! Cleans to a streak-free shine with a dual action formula that removes all stubborn watermarks, fingerprints and sticker-marks on glasses 
  • High Resistance and Protection :Waterproof, rainproof, anti-dust, anti-stain, etc.; resume brightness of the headlight after removal of dirt effectively 
  • Automotive Liquid Repellent CoatingUsing cutting edge liquid repellingtechnology, this coating will protect glass surface from scratches, aging, weathering and erosion, sunlight, acid powder, etc.
  • Anti-Scratch & Long Lasting:The glass coating is applied to the glass surface as a mirror, with excellent high gloss. Just apply this protector every few months and water will bead off. 
  • Multi-Purpose: Besides applying on car windshields and headlight, the liquid coating sacrificial is also perfect for windows, shower glass, mirrors, wall tiles, and other household usage


  1. Clean the glass and dry it with a towel
  2. Spread the plating solution evenly on the glass
  3. Wipe the plating solution evenly with a towel
  4. Let it dry for a few minutes


  • Material: Polysiloxane
  • Capacity: 150ml


  • 1 x Glass Coating Agent Stains Cleaner