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Electronic Hip Muscle Trainer

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Want to achieve that firm and perfect bubble butt and hips for your body? The perfect thick hips and a perfect firm wiggling butt that you’ve been dreaming of is here! Try our Wireless EMS Hips and Butt Lifter Trainer!

This is one of the most advanced hip and buttock trainer you'll ever have! It uses EMS biological micro wave impulses to stimulate the hip muscles movement, lift up hips to make them plump and elastic, offering you firm and well-built muscles! It works great on the droop, flat, spot and non-symmetrical buttocks. Train your hip and buttock easily and effectively today!



  • Doctors and Professionals approved. This technology is the exact same that has been used in the professional healthcare industry for decades by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Sports Medicine Doctors.
    • EMS advanced technology. Electrical muscle stimulation, the latest scientific and healthy fitness technology, send a signal to muscles directly to promote muscle movement, to help you achieve a more beautiful physique.
    • Powerful features. 6 simulation modes and 10 grades intensity to choose, remote control to adjust mode easily, 20-minutes muscle training per time.


    • Helps relieve hip fatigue and chronic pain. With high-effective training method, Exercise to relieve fatigue and lift hips muscle, it had been recognized as a clinically proven, effective, non-medication method of training muscle from authoritative organization.
      • Ergonomic- based and high-quality design. With a U-Shaped design and ergonomic cushions that cover targeted regions in the buttocks, the Muscle Max Buttocks Trainer reaches out to nerves where they are most concentrated, branching out to the glutes causing them to contract and release naturally.
          • Easy to use. Adopts high-grade soft PU, just paste the backside muscle toner, give you a Skin-friendly experience, you can tighten your hip while lying, sitting and anytime you want.



          • Material: PU (polyurethane) Leather
          • Output: Max. 9.8mA
          • Battery capacity: 80mAh
          • Input voltage: 5V
          • Output voltage: 3 - 4.2V
          • Charging time: 1 hour
          • Pulse rate: 25Hz +/- 10pct
          • Pulse width: 400us +/- 10pct

           Safety Note:

          • Never use this unit near the ear, around the mouth or on sensitive skin
          • Do not use this unit while sleeping, driving or taking a bathing
          • Do not use if you are pregnant, have any implant near the device, have cardiac arrhythmia or disorder of the heart's impulse and conduction system

          Package Includes:

           1 x Electronic Hip Muscle Trainer