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Double-sided whetstone

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These premium quality whetstones require no oil, and come with a flattening stone, a blade angle guide, a no slip bamboo sharpening base.


    How to use: 
    1. Fully immerse the whetstone in water and soak until bubbles no longer appear (approx. 5-10 minutes). 
    2. Place the waterstone together with the rubber base on a steady surface.
    3. Use lower grit side of the knife sharpener for rough grinding. Move the blade back and forth at an angle of 10-30 degrees, applying gentle pressure. Starting at the tip of the blade, continue through the middle section to finish at the base. Continue to apply water while sharpening. Repeat previous step on opposite side of blade.
    4. Turn over whetstone. Repeat sharpening process on higher grit side for fine grinding.
    5. Clean sharpening stone set and place in well-ventilated area to dry


    • Size: 180*60*30mm
    • Net weight: 620g
    • Type: 1000/4000grit,2000/5000grit,3000/8000grit
    • Color: Random


    It is very important that the stones and bamboo base be allowed to dry after usage and prior to storage. The stones will hold some water after they are used, and must be allowed to drain before being stored in the case. Always allow the stones and bamboo base to dry completely before storing.

    Package included:

    • 1 pc of Double-sided whetstone
    • 1 set of  Accessories (1*bamboo sharpening base + 1*flattening stone + 1*blade angle guide)
    • 1 set of Double-sided whetstone(Double-sided whetstone + Accessories)