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Coconut Bowls

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  • EXPERIENCE NATURE – 100% Coconut Shells handcrafted into beautiful and unique coconut bowls. From Nature to your Home. Every coconut bowl is unique with it's own shape, size, colours and imperfections which gives it its natural appeal
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, INSPIRE & CONNECT - No harmful plastic, chemical, or toxins. Your coconut bowls are organic from harvesting to craft. Take your creations to a whole new level…you will be inspired to make amazing smoothie bowls, cereals, salad bowls, desserts and more. Take amazing photos, share and connect with your friends. Perfect as a gift, and inspires great conversation at your dinner table
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN & - You will be surprised how easy is to care and use your coconut bowls. They are lightweight, long lasting, vegan friendly; just a quick hand wash and they're good to use again. Kids also love eating out of a coconut bowl.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - The bowls can be used as breakfast bowls and smoothie bowls. Add some potpourri and the bowls can be placed around the house as decoration. They also compliment all styles of home decor in a nice eco-friendly fashion.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Each bowl is 100% unique with its own colour, shape, design, pattern therefore may have dents and imperfections. No one will have a bowl like yours!


  • Material: Coconut Shells
  • Size: Diameter 12-15cm, height 4.6-6.5cm
  • Package Include: 1*Coconut Bowls