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Car LED Decorative Lights, 2PCs

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Use the wind generated when driving. No cabling, easy to install, speed up to 40 hp, LED lights at night like a little star, can help you drive safely.
Use 8 high-level LEDs, environmental protection and energy saving, long life;
Adjustable with the mounting bracket angle; Self-contained double-sided adhesive tape
Integrated design, small size, compact structure, novel appearance


Product material: electroplating + plastic
Total length: 12 cm,
Width: 3 cm
Total height: 2 cm
Installation method:

It can be installed in a different position according to the hobby of the car. It can be used to support the lighting and decoration by simply tearing off the paper of the lamp holder.

Note: The owner who inflates a mouth may be bright. This is the biggest proof that the lamp has no quality problems. Installed in the car is not bright, first understand the principle: the wind drive fan rotates, the fan rotates to drive the motor for power generation, the motor generates electricity When the light is on, there is only one reason, the fan speed is not enough, you can not power the engine to power, please install the fan downwind and try another, do not put it in the middle of the grid. The lighter the bubbles, the better. If the indicator does not light up, adjust the fan direction and mounting position of the fan.


2 x Car LED Decorative Lights