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Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose

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    😍😍When we say it's tough as steel, we're not kidding. The Bionic Steel Hose is made of 304 Stainless Steel- ensuring that it's literally the last hose you'll ever buy. It's corrosion free, rust free, super lightweight, kink free & also is resistant to extreme weather conditions. Busy yourself with better things like enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family- not about your garden hose.


  • Patented design and stainless-steel construction is lightweight, durable and kink-free.
  • Compact design: Weight: 2.0 lbs, Length: 25 feet; slender hose circumference is lesser than standard rubber hoses.
  • Flexible latex-lined lumen of internal hose encased in a sturdy stainless-steel outer layer allows for a consistent, steady and high-pressure water output.
  • Tear-proof: High-grade metal outer layer is tear proof while maintaining a great degree of flexibility and rolls easy making storage convenient and hassle-free!
  • Corrosion and Rust-proof!

✅Lightweight + Compact
Easy to handle even for those with limited physical abilities, kids & the elderly. Never kinks or tangles so storing it is a breeze.
✅Super Tough
Made of 304 stain less steel and built to last, our Bionic Steel hose can be rolled over by a vehicle, pulled through barbed wire & fences & never get a dent. It's great for everything from simple garden work to more complex tasks.
✅Heat Resistant
Even when engulfed by flames, the Bionic Steel can be picked up and used again with no problem. Live near a desert and tired of your rubber hoses melting and overheating in the sun? Then the Bionic Steel is a perfect solution for you.
✅Ice Resistant
Even when enclosed in a block of ice- the Bionic Steel hoses remain functioning with no damage done to the hose. Making it great for for those living in areas with cold winters & climate. Never worry about leaving your house outside again.
✅The Highest Standard Of Hoses
The Bionic Steel Hose allows us to bring an otherwise industrial grade hose to our customers homes. We took the industrial level hose and made it more practical so you and your families can use it everyday in your home. Well thought design with practicality in mind & the highest quality materials- that's what you get when you purchase a Bionic Steel Hose.

Package Includes:

1 x Bionic Steel 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose