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Barefoot Beach Invisible Shoes, 3 pairs

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This top barefoot pads set is the perfect combination of premium quality, maximum protection and low cost!

M: Length 220-230mm 8.5"
L: Length 240-250mm 9"

XL: Length 260-270mm 10-11"

Please allow the product to have a slight color difference and slight deviation.

You can choose at the drop-down menu.

  • Eco-friendly Material - The foot pad uses a specific hypoallergenic certified adhesive. Can only use once BUT the biodegradable material has small burden on the environment.
  • NOTICE - Please make sure the feet are clean and dry without no wound before applying or they will fell off the feet very soon.If there is a wound in the foot,do not use it
  • Protect Your Feet - These are pretty cool if you want to be barefoot without dealing with really hot surfaces. Is easy on, and easy off.They are sticky enough to stay on but does'nt hurt pulling off of feet.Protect your soles from hot pavement and rocks/glass/whatever but also let you feel like still barefoot.
  • Using it in Hot weather, Cold surfaces - This new module will Garantee you protection of the feet in Hot weather, Cold surfaces,Waterproof, Heat resistant, Non-slip, you can useing it when swimming, beach volleyball, spa,surfing, walking on grass, rocks, exercise and yoga.
  • Anti-Slip Silicon - The Silicon Grip is a great protection for you.

Package Includes:

3 pairs  x Barefoot Beach Invisible Shoes (ONE-TIME USE ONLY)