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Adjustable Rolling Pin

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🎅🏼Adjustable Rolling Pin🎅🏼

with removable discs to adjust the fitness dough thickness


With the scale measurement, the dough size can be detected at any time, the thickness of the four seals can be uniform and thick and the threads can be tightened on both sides


  • Adjustable rolling pin evenly smooths the dough to ensure even baking

  • Massive beech construction with etched dough width measurement

  • The wood is also etched with a pastry measuring instruction.

  • The rolling pin is smooth and flat. It is not easy to break and easy to clean.

  • This rolling pin has a comfortable handle and you can use it to easily knead the dough.

  • The rolling pin has rotating threads on both sides and is easy to turn so that the seal does not become loose.

  • The seal has four different thicknesses: 2 mm / 3 mm / 6 mm / 10 mm, and the thickness is evenly distributed according to different thicknesses.


  • Material: plastic PP + beech

  • Size: small: 35.5 * 6.5 cm / tall: 42 * 6.5 cm

  • Thickness of the gasket: 4.72 mm

  • Net weight: small ≈ 360g big ≈ 498g color box ≈ 58g

  • Packing: color box


  • 1 * small Adjustable Rolling Pin


  • 1 * large Adjustable Rolling Pin