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2019 NEW Paper Cutter Pen

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Paper Cutter Pen for kids to sculp complex line!

🌽 Highlights:

  • Sleek Design: This is a tiny cutting blade that is designed to have the appearance, portability, and convenience of a pen
  • The Safest Cutter Ever: The ceramic blade is only visible at the very tip which helps in minimising accidents
  • For Precise Cutting: It is easier to handle and offers more control than conventional, clunky pen knives
  • Long-Lasting Blade: The ceramic blade is more durable and wear-resistant than a typical metal blade so it could last up to five times longer
  • Its blade does not rust even if it gets wet, and the body is antibacterial and anti-static
  • Suitable for cutting out newspaper and magazine articles, clipping coupons, cutting open difficult plastic bags, or trimming small details in your paper crafts
  • You can easily stash it in your pencil case, at your desk, in your pencil holder, or even in your pocket
  • This makes an awesome gift for any artist, student, or professional

🥑 Specifications:

  • Knife Material: Ceramic
  • Body Material: High-quality ABS
  • Size: 13cm
  • Colour: White

🍍 Package:

  • 1* Paper Cutter Pen