Powerful Kitchen All-purpose Cleaning Powder

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Powerful Kitchen All-purpose Cleaning Powder

  • Time saving

    Kitchen instant cleaning powder works like a miracle, making cleaning easier than ever before while saving you time, effort, and money.

  • Instant cleaning

    Apply it and watch oil and grease stains dissolve quickly and with minimal effort.

  • Quick cleaning

    Kitchen foam rust remover tough grease and grime in seconds, leaving you with clean kitchen surfaces and appliances in seconds!

  • Wide range

    Instant cleaning powder for the kitchen, porcelain dishes, tiled walls, stainless steel sinks, stainless steel pan sets, glassware, gas stoves.

All-purpose powder cleaner for the kitchen

Thanks to the thorough removal of limescale deposits, stains and limescale deposits are easily and effectively removed. No scrubbing, just soak and clean.

  • Non-Destructive Cleaning

    Mild formula, non-toxic, no irritation, no corrosion, does no harm to the objects and hands. It works like a miracle, making cleaning easier than ever before while saving you time, effort, and money.

  • Quick & Effective Cleaning

    A foaming powder cleaner that powerfully breaks down and removes stubborn stains, and sticky or greasy residues from grease stains, with a rich, fast lather that cleans easily in just minutes!

  • Powerful Cleaning And Protection

    It removes adhering dirt, dust, grease, rust, oxidation, and any unwanted stains while leaving a non-greasy bright finish which resistant to future rust.

  • Easy To Use

    It's very easy to use, just dissolve it in the water and foam, then soak kitchen utensils in it for minutes, and they'll have a new look!

  • Multi-scenario application

    A practical cleaning tool to solve grease messes. Suitable for a wide range of surfaces in range hoods, pot bottoms, kitchen countertops, stoves, kitchen sinks, faucets, tile walls, floors, and so on.

Simple steps to use

The all-purpose kitchen cleaning powder with foam rust remover is a versatile powder. The powerful kitchen all-purpose powder cleaner can be safely used on a variety of surfaces, including countertops, stovetops, ovens, cooker hoods, grills, car parts and more.


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🔥Buy 2 Get 1 Free🔥




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This cooktop all-purpose cleaner is just amazing! It easily removes grease and stubborn grime from the cooktop, keeping my kitchen clean and tidy.


I am very happy with how well this cooktop all-in-one cleaner cleans, it dissolves oil quickly without leaving any residue and keeps my cooktop looking like new again.


It is so convenient to use this cooktop multi-purpose cleaner. It has powerful cleaning power and is also very easy to use, just apply it on the stovetop and scrub it with a little scrubbing, saving me a lot of cleaning time and energy.