New Detachable Weed Puller

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New Detachable Weed Puller

Easy to use
All you have to do is insert the tool into the middle of the weed and tilt the long handle to pry the weed out.
Unique design
The standing weeder adopts a unique anti-slip design of crossbars and barbs for more labor-saving weeding.
Strong grip
Our tools also have a better grip, so even deep-rooted weeds can be removed in one go.
Robust & durable materials
This weed wrench is made of durable material that can bear your weight. A long-lasting weed killer that you can use for years.

Multifunctional & Efficient weeding tool

Say goodbye to bending over! This is a metal upright heavy-duty 4-prong weeding tool designed to make weeding a breeze.

  • Best quality

    Manufacturing, far superior to other cheap products for short-term use.

  • Efficient

    Lawn mower in test that mows 100 square meters in just a few hours.

  • Safely

    Safety design without blade and labor saving, both old and young can use it for weeding.

  • Ergonomic design

    By using the lever principle of the pedal, it is very labor-saving whether you are stepping on the mud or levering out the grass roots.

  • Best gift

    Make a thoughtful gift for someone who loves gardening. Most families need it urgently.

Suitable For

The weed puller is workable for crabgrass, thistle, tap root, crab grass, taproot, plantain, clover, burdock, bush etc. It is a good tool for your garden, backyard, patio, lawn, etc.


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What our customers say

I tried it and it works great. It also seems sturdy. A wonderful device. A great helper in the garden. It makes working in the garden so much easier. Highly recommended.


We have a lot of thistles in our lawn. Some of them have extremely deep roots. If everything is moist after a rain, the thistles can be easily removed using this tool. Thanks to the long handle, you don't have to bend over too much - it's back-friendly!👍👍👍


I highly recommend this tool to anyone who needs to get rid of pesky weeds. The instructions are clear, the tool is incredibly robust and stable. I completed my garden in 30 minutes, whereas without it it would definitely have taken me longer.