Kitchen Adjustable Safe Chopping Artifact

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Kitchen Adjustable Safe Chopping Artifact

Safer Slicer
There is no need to touch the blade to change different cutting modes, and your finger knuckles won't be scratched.
4 Mode Selections
This vegetable slicer offers 4 mode choices julienne, matchstick, slicing, and dicing at once no need to change the blade.
Easy To Store
Small size takes up little counter or cupboard space, and is a great tool for anyone’s kitchen.
Perfect Gift
Safe and healthy, the vegetable slicer is a great idea for holiday weddings or home gifts.

Multi-function & Safe design

The built-in blade design means you can quickly dice, slice and chop vegetables without touching the blade during use.

  • Multifunctional

    The blades allow flexibility to easily cut, slice, shred, chop fruits and vegetables in shapes and sizes. Such as a potato, you can make it into wavy or normal slices, strips or mash it easily.

  • Saving Time & Effort

    Ultra-sharp stainless steel blade can help you shorten prep time comparing with traditional blades slicing. This tool is easy to chop or slice veggies and fruits.

  • Easy To Clean

    Compact design folds down for easy storage, while the included brush eliminates buildup on the blades and food catch container keeps countertops clean

  • High Quality

    Mainly made of ABS material, does not contain BPA, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean. Does not produce harmful substances, you can rest assured to use.

  • Wide Application

    The multifunctional vegetable tool is designed to chop all kinds of food, such as onion, potato, mushroom, cucumber, carrot, tomato, ginger, garlic, cheese, etc.

A safe slicer for any cook

The sharp invisible blade slices quickly and evenly, is easy to set up and clean, and can be used without wearing gloves or changing blades.



Save 50%£26.99£53.99


Save 50%£26.99£53.99


Save 50%£26.99£53.99


Save 50%£26.99£53.99

What our customers say

I admire well engineered products and this is a well engineered product. I purchased this mandolin to make baked sweet potato chips; I used to hand slice the potatos. Traditional mandolins don't seem safe to me because your hand is either exposed, or semi-exposed to the blade. Not so, with this device. I felt very safe using it to make thin (controllable thickness) slices, without wasting potato at the end of the job to protect my hands.


Complete and accurate slices. Never once did it miss a slice or get stuck midway through a slice. It’s made of durable strong plastic which cleans up really easy and stores nicely. And the handle locks in the down position for safety. I only wish I had found this sooner. This is a machine I highly recommend for any kitchen…


Great product. Folds small, relatively easy to clean but the big selling point t is the safety and ease of use. My 7 year old was able to use it with supervision obviously but once he got going he did pretty well. Honestly this is a great purchase and completely worth the money. We chop so much faster with this and I feel much safer using it than a normal mandolin.